Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 30!

Wow, just one more day left in January and one more day until P comes home!!!  Whew, this month went fast.  But then again don't most months?

Let's see, yesterday....clients in the early a.m, then errands and other biz work.

Kashi bar - which I did not like.  Way too sugary.  (on way to clients)
Oatmeal with the goods (cinnamon, walnuts, banana and almond milk)

Left over veggie chili and spaghetti squash
Piece of fruit

Shrimp salad with tons of veggies

Made by me: olive oil, sea salt and kernels
Shake do not stir =)
And popcorn (homemade) while I watched The Help.
My opinion, great movie and I know there's others that won't argue.

I am super pumped for this weekend - especially for Sunday.  First, for the 4 mile Gridiron Classic I'm running in that morning.  There's also a 'longest football throw' that I'm thinking of partaking in.  I doubt that I'll throw the football the furthest but I bet I can put up a fight against some of those guys. watch, or well...stay tuned.  And of course second, for the Superbowl #GO49ers!

Nothing beats getting a good workout in before enjoying some fun food, drinks and spending time with good friends while watching football.

- Theresa

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