Monday, January 14, 2013

Days 11, 12 & 13 as a Pescetarian

Happy Sunday Funday!!

Whether it was taking it easy, running errands, relaxin' on the couch watching football, playing with the kids, sweating out your hangover I hope you enjoyed it.

Like most weekends, this one went way toooo fast.  Don't you think so?

Here's a re-cap: After a long week, we decided to stay in Friday night.  We cooked dinner (I made a homemade Vegetable Lasagna) and watched The 5-Year Engagement and then Silver Linings Playbook (yeah, we were in a movie mood).  Saturday evening went out to watch the 49ers' beat up on the Packers and last night stayed in to watch the football playoffs, a snippet of the golden globes, Men in Black 3 and made ahi tuna fajitas for dinner.

So....I came to the conclusion that I'm lacking protein in my diet.  I've been feeling more tired lately - more than usual, have experienced some crankiness at one time or another and have had the feeling that I could very easily take a nap in the late afternoon.  While researching my symptoms I came across this article, Protein Deficiency Symptoms - it lists exactly what I have been experiencing.  So to increase my daily intake of protein I'm supplementing a protein powder in with my snacks and or meals.  Disclaimer: If you are experiencing these similar symptoms make an appointment to see your primary doctor as soon as possible, as the article states.  I know myself and my body and believe incorporating this supplement will eliminate my symptoms.  If it doesn't, I'll consider other options.

P on the other hand is doing just fine.

Friday - Oatmeal with banana, cinnamon, walnuts and honey
Saturday - Half of an egg sandwich and a big bowl of veggies
Sunday - Oatmeal with macintosh apple, walnuts, cinnamon and honey mix

Friday - Half of egg sandwich, veggies, pear
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday - Leftovers

Friday - I made homemade Vegetable Lasagna - Ahhmaazziinnnggg =)

Saturday - Dinner at Scallywags.  Veggie burger and side salad for me, Crab burger for P

Sunday - Fajita night.
Gluten free tortilla, hummus, spinach, tri-colored peppers, ahi tuna pieces, tomatoes, cheese and hot sauce.

P made a rice bowl with the ingredients above.

Enjoy your Monday!


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