Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 28

Day 28 

The final stretch.....3 more days left in giving up meat for a month.

Think we can't wait to inhale a juicy piece of marinated chicken or medium-rare filet?

Think again!

P and I had a discussion about what to do going forward before he left for Germany.  We decided that we're primarily going to stick to a Pescetarian Diet but add chicken in every so often, such as weekly.  He may possibly also enjoy a filet for those special occasions. Although, I'm thinking this is still up for debate.  I may continue without any meat.  Surprised?

Hard boiled eggs
Brussels Sprouts

Green smoothie

Tuna fish salad

I'm looking forward to dinner tonight - Veggie Chili! Mmmm mmmm.

Have a nice day.  Take use of this unusually warmer weather and get outside!

- Theresa

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