Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 8 as a Pescatarian

Day 8.

So the argument on how long it takes to form a habit is up for debate.  Some say 21 days, some say 28 days and others, which I believe, say 66 days. Although, the duration is likely to differ depending on who you are and you are trying to do.  What do you say?

In this particular situation, I truly believe we could beat that number.  It's day 8 and still no craving for a piece of chicken, turkey or beef.  The same goes for least that's what he's telling me =)

So, will we choose to continue down the road as a Pescatarian?

You'll just have to keep reading these posts to find out, <wink-wink>.


Left over egg salad
sauteed spinach and tomatoes


P had a taco bowl - tomatoes, lettuce, beans, rice, hot sauce, guac and fish (on the left)

His looked so good I had to create something of the like for myself;  A bean burrito with colored peppers and a dollop of cottage cheese it was (on the right).


Baked Salmon
Mixed Veggies

Sorry, missed taking a picture of this.  I have to say, it was mighty delicious!

Pear and peanut butter cereal treat (creatively created by myself)

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