Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 14 as a Pescetarian

Monday, Day 14

Not too much to report here - just a regular Monday of training clients, running errands, training more clients, etc.

One errand in particular was to stock up on the healthy goods, that being fruit, veggies and grains.  Our local market has got to the best that I've ever been to hands down.  Well, maybe not the best in the city but I'm sure it comes pretty close.  It's always stocked with tons of fresh fruits, potatoes, onions, veggies, eggs and more.  I was successful in finding a huge bag of brussels sprouts for only $1.  Oh yeah! Guess what I had for lunch?

For dinner I made soup out of Kabocha, commonly called Japanese pumpkin.  I added butter and milk to P's and almond milk and cinnamon to mine.  Nom Nom!

scrambled eggs with veggies

Last piece of Lasagna
Roasted brussels sprouts

Spinach, grapefruit and walnut salad
Homemade Kabocha Soup
Quinoa and green beans

- Theresa

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