Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Don't let the rain dampen your Workout!

Neoprene Dumbbells 15 lbs
So much for heading outside today for a workout.  Looks like the weather folks are calling for rain all of these week (at least here in NY).  At first I was a little annoyed but I think I'd rather have it rain during the week vs having it rain this (Memorial Day) weekend.

Here's hoping to nice weather this weekend.  I just checked the forecast and they're calling for more rain.  NOT COOL.

Well...if it's so, the rain will not make me miss a workout this week.  Unfortunately I won't be able to go for a run but there's plenty of options for getting my sweat on in my apartment.  

Here's what I did yesterday.  3 x's through.

1. Half burpee and raise with half bosu (10-15)
2. Chest fly on stability ball (20)
3. One-leg one-arm row (15 ea.)
4. Leg raises (20)
5. Static lunges with bi curl (20)
6. oblique crunches - legs straight (20 ea.)
7. tri ext on stability ball (15)
8. squat thrusts (15)

Feel free to save for a rainy day.  I understand you may not have this equipment at home but use your imagination.  Use your coach, stepper, chair, etc. 

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