Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brooklyn Brewery

Another amazing plus to living in NY is having a brewery less than 30 minutes away (via subway). So, last Saturday afternoon we decided to take a stroll over to Brooklyn to check out their brewhouse.

We've sampled a few of their beers since moving here; their Pennant Ale, Pilsner, Pale Ale, Brown Ale and Lager.  All not too shabby.

These days I tend to stay away from beer.  You're saying "WHAT???" right now aren't you?  Well, it's true... I am.  It's because I'm living gluten free.

**Side note: I don't have celiac disease but I do experience a few of the symptoms when I eat foods that contain gluten.  Sometimes it's difficult but it's worth it.  Contact me if you'd like to learn more.

Unfortunately, there are very few beers (both at bars and in stores) that are gluten free.  Those that are, sorry to say, aren't very tasty and I'm definitely one for a tasty beer.

Therefore, since this was a special event, this particular time I decided (which I planned on regretting later, physically) that I'd enjoy having a few beers.  Just a few - It would be silly not to at least have a taste.

Our tour started at 2pm and lasted for about 30 minutes.  One of the brewmasters explained the wonderful history - everything from their very first beer to the logo design to the forklift theft they faced to the day the ribbon was cut by Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  It was really all very interesting.

We then made our way back into the tasting area and got in line for another delicious beer.  The first one I tried was their Ama Bionda - it was fantastic.  I highly recommend it.  For my second, I gave their Weisee a try.  It was ok.  I really should have gone with the Ama Bionda again.  =)

Realizing we only had 2 more tokens (5 tokens for $20), the boys go in line for one more.  We pulled up to one of the tables, chit chatted for a bit and then made our way home.

Overall, we had a great time.  The staff was incredibly friendly (as were the watch cats), the atmosphere was enjoyable and the sunny day helped to enjoy some cold ones.

If you're looking for something to do during the week or on the weekends check out Brooklyn Brewery.  Schedule a visit - the brewery hosts a crowd of thirsty people all week long.

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