Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Houseplants for your Health

Houseplants do more than just make an area in your home look nice.  Certain houseplants provide great health benefits.  For example; a flower lily in your bathroom prevents mold, a boston fern in your bedroom helps moisturize your skin and a cactus next to your computer can absorb radiation that is released. Other plants can boost immunity, optimize brainpower, improve your mood and much more. The recommended amount of plants to have in a home less than 2,000 square feet is 15-18.  Seems like a lot right? Start small and gradually add to it.

Below are rated the best houseplants rated for cleansing areas and improving air quality.

Chinese Evergreen
Gerbera Daisy
Aloe Vera
English Ivy
Spider Plant
Heart-Leaf Philodendron
Janet Craig
Devil’s Ivy
Split-Leaf Philodendron
Warneckie Snake Plant
Ficus (Weeping Fig)
Corn Plant
Peace Lily
Madagascar Dragon Tree
Umbrella Plant
Arrowhead Plant

Keep in mind when choosing your plants some are easier to care for than others. Consider the conditions in which they will be growing.  If you’re an extremely busy person you may want to go with those that don’t require as much maintenance (watering) as others.  Suitable lighting, temperature and humidity must be present for your plant to thrive.  Choose a plant that will be comfortable in the location it is placed –full light, medium light and or low light. 

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