Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New City, New Blog!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my new blog; Fitness, Health & the Pursuit of Balance!

This is being replaced by my old blog "Get your Health On".  But not to worry, new exciting posts are coming your way.
The Empire State Building a
few blocks from our apartment

A lot has changed since my very last entry - which was months ago.  The biggest change....moving.

We moved from DC to New York City!!  Yes, it's been more than a few months...too long since my last post, but you know, it takes time to settle in and get acquainted with a new city.   Moving in takes for-ev-errr!

So, we're New Yorkers living in Manhattan (or to give you a better sense of a geographic location, what we call 'Chells Kitchen').  It wasn't an easy decision to move up north, away from family and friends but we're happy and absolutely loving it.

I'm training clients throughout the city as well as teaching boot camp classes.  I'm also studying to become a Health Coach graduating in October of 2012.  So exciting!!!  I'm very much looking forward to intertwining my clientele base in holistic health and personal training.

My boyfriend took a job that's located in the Empire State Building!  He's also a fantastic actor (I'm not just saying that because I date him) and has already performed in his very first off-broadway play! All so very exciting.  The play was called "Yellow to Lavender".  Check out this link to find out more about it.

During our downtime we love to walk and bike around the city, play co-ed intramural sports, check out museums and explore new restaurants and bars.  There's just so much going on here all the time.  It's amazing!

So, again, welcome to my new and improved blog! I look forward to sharing with you my life experiences in the city, recipes and fitness materials.


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